Yet Another Inadequate Post about God’s Will

will-of-God-questionsOne of the most frequent questions we Christians ask is “What is God’s will?” We ask it of ourselves. We talk about it with friends. We pray about it, especially when the big forks in the road come. We talk to our pastors about it. Our pastors talk to pastors and friends about it.

As beings trapped within linear time, we cannot see the future. As beings existing within numerous physical, mental, and spiritual limitations, we cannot know everything. Rarely do we have full confidence in decisions of significance that affect ours’ and others’ futures. Even less often do things turn out as we envisioned or planned. Nor do we often, if ever, have tangible, face-to-face conversations with our intangible, omniscient, omnipresent God. Continue reading


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Christ is Lord of the Conscience

Have you ever been certain you knew the right thing to do or believe, felt the strongest conviction about it, only to later discover you were wrong? Some of us are able to (eventually) admit that, some of the time. Yet, despite knowing this to be true about ourselves and human beings in general, “right of conscience” seems to have been elevated to an almost unassailable status these days.
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Discerning What is Best

Earlier this month, I attended a conference for pastors and leaders in churches that average 100 or less in worship. It is appropriately named “Wee Kirk,” and I have been a part of it for several years: first in CA as a seminar leader, now here in the midwest.

Although the conference is targeted to small churches, I consistently find its themes and teaching focus to be relevant to churches of any size, and Christians of any stripe. This year, that theme was “Discerning What isgood-bad-angel_featured Best.” A very timely theme to direct our focus toward.

What is Discernment?

“Discernment” is one of many words that, within the church, has become “Christianized”… Continue reading


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